Website about our cycling tour through Europe.
With practical tips for people with similar plans.

On the map below you can see the route as planned.















We have chosen the route in such a way that we will cycle as much as possible accross quiet roads and near places worth seeing. Another criterion is the presence of a camping site. A cycling day will consist of 60km cycling on avarage with a rythm of 2 days cycling and 1 dag rest. Regularly, near touristical highlights, we will take some more days of rest.

The first 3 and a half week we will cycle through Lazio, Campania, Basilicata and Apulia to Bari. We will leave May 21st from Rome. Untill Pozzuoli (near Napoli) we will follow the coastline. We will visit Napoli from Pozzuoli with public transport. We are told that cycling there is suicide. In order to get past Napoli, we will take the ferry from Pozzuoli to Ischia, a lovely vulcanic island, cycle around and next take the ferry to Sorrento. From there we will cycle the Amalfi coast to Salerno and then to Paestum where old Greek temples can be found. The through the valley of the river Sele to Eboli and accross the mountains to the Laghi di Monticchio. The route continues to Matera - famous for its cave houses - and Alberobello. Finally to Bari where we will cross the sea to Dubrovnik. The ferry sails twice a week in summer. Making reservations seems a wise thing to do during high season.

In Croatia we will stay one month exactly. If all goes well we will arrive in Dubrovnik at June 16th. After a short stay we will cycle to the Peljesac peninsula. We will avoid the coastal way (the famous Jadranska Magistrale) as much as possible because of the busy traffic and the absence of a (hard) shoulder. We want to cycle mainly accross the islands and peninsula's. Unfortunately some ferry's don't take cycles (also the one from Vela Luka to Hvar), therefore it is quite a puzzle. So, having arrived in the north of Peljesac we will not go to Korcula, but head back to the coastal road to Ploce. From there to Makarska. In Makarska we will take the ferry to Brac and cycle to Bol, famous for its beautifull beach. Then to Supetar, where we take the ferry to Split. The highway to Split will be finished in june 2005, we expect that the other roads heading north will be less busy. From Split we will go to Trogir and then to Sibenik. Next through cycle tracks (!) along the Vransko Jezero lake to Biograd where we will take the ferry to Pasman. We cycle through to Ugljan and then take the ferry to Zadar. Then to the Pag peninsula, cycling northwest and then back to the coastal road with the ferry from Stara Novalja to Prizna. We cycle to Jablanac and take the ferry to Rab. We cross this island heading north and then take the ferry to the next island: Krk. Here we cycle from Baska to Valbiska where we will take the ferry to Cres. On this island we will take a break of one week. The route now goes south to Mali Losinj where we will take the ferry to Venice on July 16th. The ferry sails only once every week and is highly popular with tourists, so making reservations is necessary!

We will camp on Cavallino, a peninsula near Venice. From here we can visit the town. Our journey continues accross the islands to Chioggia, next to Ferrara. From there we will follow the Po-route past Mantova and Cremona. The Po-route consists of a network of cycle paths along the Po. Then along the Adda to lake Como and further north to the Splügen-pass (2113m). Literally - and maybe also metaphorically - the highlight of our tour! From Splügen we cycle along the Rhine to lake Boden. Untill The Netherlands we will continue to follow the Rhine. In Switzerland as well as in Germany there are excellent cycle paths along the Rhine. The last piece in Germany (from Koblenz or Bonn) we will probably take the train. We want to be back home August the 16th.